OZ ​(Owner)

Starting out with a limited space in Oz Lounge, K-OZ is our dream come true. Kei and Oz put all the hard work and the experience from old Oz Lounge into K-OZ. We love beers, cocktails and food and if you do, too, you've come to the right place! We brew, in-house, several varieties of our own hand-crafted seasonal beers. Our beers are available on tap as well as Jameson and Moscow Mule on tap.  We also offer many tastes from other local breweries from around town and across the country.


If you see Kei and Oz talking as if arguing like a husband and wife, they must be working on opening their 4th Restaurant and NO, THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER.



SHANE ​(District Bar Manager)

CARLOS (Executive Chef)                    


K-OZ Restaurant Brewery